"Bringing Driven Women Together To Connect & Network"

Collaboration Over Competition

The Passionate Way Networking Community is where passion meets connections. Women ages 21 & up are welcome to join whether you are an entrepreneur or educator. If you are ready to join, SIGN UP NOW

Our Community

Our Networking Community is for you if you are looking to network with driven women like yourself.

Networking Events

We will be hosting networking events quarterly to bring our current and new members together to connect & network.

Monthly Meetings

Every month our VIP members will meet to discuss upcoming networking events and charity events & ideas.

Community Benefits

Personal Branding

Every member will receive free online personal branding coaching and advice.


Every member will receive discounts on all of The Passionate Way Design Services & Events.


Be able to give and receive support from other members when you have new ideas or need advice.


You will finally have the chance to collaborate with driven women that have more in common with you.

Annual Trip

Starting in 2019 we will take our first annual get-away with loyal group members and the CEO.

Business Warmings

The best part is the business warnings when you start a new business to receive gifts to help you grow.

Who Can Join...

Before signing up to join The Passionate Way Networking Community, please make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • Must be 21 or up (will be sipping wine sometime)

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Bloggers

  • Educators

  • Creators

  • Professionals


  • Honest with self & others!

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Good Vibes ONLY!

Drama is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL. The moment any problem occur, you will not be able to be apart of our community for at least a year. Good vibes and positive energy is praised so if that's not you, don't bother to sign up. (for example if you don't LOVE Beyonce, just exit now!) 

The Passionate Way, CEO

The Passionate Way, CEO



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